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Repairs Following Vandalism

Chris and his friends initially attacked these obsolete air conditioning units vandalising the condenser coils seriously effecting the plant efficiency. Later they returned and stole the copper pipework and condenser coils; rendering the equipment damaged beyond repair.


We replaced the original obsolete condensing units, matching new units with the internal plant to reduce costs, enhanced the security internally to the cage, encapsulating the copper and fitted a bespoke security compound complete with mesh to prevent any similar future instances of vandalism and/or theft.

Condensing Unit Fire Repair

There was a component failure within this condensing unit, a speed regulator overheated and caught fire causing every electrical  component within to fail. 


The unit was stripped of all failed electrical components, wiring harnesses and containment. It was then cleaned thoroughly internally then repainted to ensure longevity of repair. All internal components, containment, wiring, safety devices (HP&LP switches) were replaced and rewired which included having condenser fan speed controllers were upgraded to VSD’s.


The retail space that this condensing unit served lost 30% of its cooling as a result of this fire. Before approaching us the client had been quoted in excess of 25k with a 12 week lead time to replace the unit. We repaired the unit for less than half the price and had it returned to service within seven days.

Replacement of Large Water Booster Set in Commercial Premises 

We recently completed the removal and replacement of a large water booster set in a commercial property. 

The original unit was unsuitable for its intended purpose and had been improperly modified. We overhauled the pipework and installed a new water booster set. The old unit was then dismantled and removed from the site. 

Repairs to 315kg Fan Motor 

Our client reported that an aged fan motor had come off its mounts, causing vibrations that damaged the internal ductwork. 

Upon investigation, we discovered that the unit had lost its feet and shifted approximately 20 degrees from its original position, damaging the flexible duct as well. 

Using lifting equipment, we removed the fan motor, repaired the steel fan housing and ductwork, strengthened the floor, refurbished the motor, and reinstalled it back into place.

Replacement Blower Assembly 

We discovered that the supply fan bearings on the AHU had disintegrated, leading to severe issues. Water ingress into the supply air cabin caused rust damage and rotted the floor. Additionally, the existing structural girders at the bottom of the AHU, which were load-bearing, were severely damaged.


Our team constructed a new framework, made the area watertight, and installed a new fan motor. The system was up and running in record time! 

Back in Service! Chiller and Units in Basement. 

We were called to investigate a newly installed system that was not meeting design requirements or operating correctly. 

Our team identified several installation defects, including wiring faults.


We collaborated with equipment manufacturers to rewire the system, ensuring proper control of the chilled water valve actuators. The equipment was then returned to service, effectively maintaining designed temperatures throughout the controlled space. 

Urgent Air Conditioning Repair for Large Commercial Property 

As summer approached, we were asked to urgently assess an air conditioning system in a large commercial property that at over 30 years old had become inoperable. 

The entire system was obsolete with no available spare parts. Through a significant team effort, we managed to complete the repair within a week. We sourced and refurbished a compressor in our warehouse and refurbished spares from old equipment.  

The unit was successfully returned to full service!  

Replacing the entire system with new equipment would have cost around £150,000. While the plant will eventually need a full replacement, this repair allows for a managed and planned upgrade in the future. 

Another happy client, and success for Green Man.  

Chiller Repair and Pipework Modifications

Using a stair walker, we replaced the compressor and components, and made pipework modifications on a rooftop chiller in sunny south London.

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