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Repairs Following Vandalism

Chris and his friends initially attacked these obsolete air conditioning units vandalising the condenser coils seriously effecting the plant efficiency. Later they returned and stole the copper pipework and condenser coils; rendering the equipment damaged beyond repair.


We replaced the original obsolete condensing units, matching new units with the internal plant to reduce costs, enhanced the security internally to the cage, encapsulating the copper and fitted a bespoke security compound complete with mesh to prevent any similar future instances of vandalism and/or theft.

Condensing Unit Fire Repair

There was a component failure within this condensing unit, a speed regulator overheated and caught fire causing every electrical  component within to fail. 


The unit was stripped of all failed electrical components, wiring harnesses and containment. It was then cleaned thoroughly internally then repainted to ensure longevity of repair. All internal components, containment, wiring, safety devices (HP&LP switches) were replaced and rewired which included having condenser fan speed controllers were upgraded to VSD’s.


The retail space that this condensing unit served lost 30% of its cooling as a result of this fire. Before approaching us the client had been quoted in excess of 25k with a 12 week lead time to replace the unit. We repaired the unit for less than half the price and had it returned to service within seven days.

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